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If you have the inclination you can contact me at: to say you stopped by. I love hearing from old friends from South Africa where I grew up, and England where I studied (philosophy, University of London), and friends I've made in the US. Let me know you're out there!


Most of my writing and updates to this site happen on my journal Nous.


July, 2010 -- great trip to the beach with some friends, lots of swimming, body surfing, Wobabo ball, frisbee and a little riding.

May 2010 -- Cadence is 6!!!

South Africa June-July 2008. We're back from our trip to South Africa. We had a great time. I will be posting news and photos on that soon.


These are a selection of photos of cycling (Lenoir Crit), Cadence, and some miscellaneous photos.

State Champs Time Trial

NC State Champs Time Trial '07

June 16 2007 was a tough day! I did the Masters 35+ Time Trial (40K) and finished in 58:17. Then I did another 40K for my category! I definitely eased up on the second one, I was tired for one, and psychologically it was hard to believe I had much chance of placing, but my time of 1:00:29 was enough for the gold. Yay.


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